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Website Design & Creation

Our mission at Accelerated Websites is to provide your business with an effective design using the WordPress Platform.

Your website will look great and also more importantly generate leads for your business.

To make sure that your website design works effectively we consider several factors including the purpose of your website, target audience, competitors, and the solution you are providing to your customers.

If you would like us to design and create a website for your business, you can access your free consultation here.

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SEO Services

Our ongoing Search Engine Optimisation Services will keep your website up to date with fresh SEO content.

SEO is an important strategy which works towards increasing the number of people who are visiting your website. This is very important to the success of your business because it makes it easier to find you online.

We utilize SEO strategies to invite the types of customers you are looking for and who are looking for the services and products your business is offering.

Contact us for your free consultation and find out how we can SEO your business and help increase your customer base.

Search Engine Optimisation

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Website Maintenance & Support

Technical maintenance is imperative to the smooth running of your site. All websites need to be maintained to keep them secure and to keep software safe from hacking.

After designing and developing your website, Accelerated Websites can then provide necessary website maintenance services to ensure security and software are kept up to date.

As part of the maintenance and support package, we can provide ongoing content support. That way your website will stay current and interesting to your customers.

Would you like assistance with maintenance and support for your business website? We can help. Get in touch with us here.

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